July 's fabulous gong Gathering/ Sound bath at Pett village hall.

35 beautiful souls filled the lovely spacious Pett hall last Thursday. Amazing Energies in  the Gong space. Seven  Sacred  Gongs, Sound Creation  Earth 38"  Symphonic 32" Wom 32" Penticle 35", Wind gong 45cms Broder water gong 16" Introducing the new gong- Saturn 32" Completing a lovely and powerful evening with Vivien's delicious homemade cookies and tea,helping us all to ground, filling the hall with happyness. Thanks to all who came. Xx Some amazing feedback ... Just a few ... I  felt clarity and saw clearly the answers to some nagging problems. The Gongs went to my ailments, it's amazing how the Sounds and Vibrations reached where needed, waking the next morning with so much less pain th

Charity Group Gong bath

Saturday 15 th July. Four Gongs and three tuning pipes plus a few singing bowls and chimes and me, joined forces with a sound healer, Martin and his sound instruments at Tram hatch gardens ( the owners kindly opened their beautiful garden for charity) We enjoyed a scrummy lunch, then the ladies finished their day by having a sound bath, which most had never experienced before. Thoroughly enjoyed by all. Fabulous day and lovely to have been part of it. Feedback from Jan the organiser... Dear Martin & Jo All of us at Pink Ribbon Pilates offer a deep and heartfelt thank you for your time, talent and giving spirit for helping our 2017 Wellbeing Day be a huge success! The gong bath meditat

Gong camp

Gong camp was amazing.. set in the rolling hills of mid Devon, an out doors event and not weather dependent. But we did get lucky with the weather : it was beautiful. This event is in its third year and open to all who love the Sounds... We camped from Friday till Sunday with an out door kitchen and delicious vegan homemade food, compost loos and beautiful people. Friday night-drumming and a couple of Gongs ( I was lucky enough to be able to play Petes 28" wind gong ). There was a lady doing a fire dance. It was exciting and all by the open fire in the great outdoors. Saturday was full of lovely workshops, all sound related. I took my tuning forks, pipes and three Gongs for a tuning fork wor

Saturday 1st July gong Gathering/ sound baths.

We had an amazing time with around 15 beautiful souls at the 4.30 session and 11 at the 7 pm session. As ever both sound journeys were completely different ... the Gongs sang beautifully and went where they were needed ... many of the listeners saying they felt the vibrations and lots of different stories. All seemed to enjoy. Vivien made a lovely variety of delicious homemade cookies washed down with a herbal or builders' tea. Thanks all for your support ❤️ Gong love x

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