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Gong camp

Gong camp was amazing.. set in the rolling hills of mid Devon, an out doors event and not weather dependent. But we did get lucky with the weather : it was beautiful. This event is in its third year and open to all who love the Sounds...

We camped from Friday till Sunday with an out door kitchen and delicious vegan homemade food, compost loos and beautiful people.

Friday night-drumming and a couple of Gongs ( I was lucky enough to be able to play Petes 28" wind gong ). There was a lady doing a fire dance. It was exciting and all by the open fire in the great outdoors.

Saturday was full of lovely workshops, all sound related.

I took my tuning forks, pipes and three Gongs for a tuning fork workshop and gong bath. All went very well and I really enjoyed my first experience of giving a workshop.

Saturday eve we attended and participated in a 10 hour gong puja (all night the Gongs play and never stop). Thoroughly enjoyed playing and being part of it, especially as it was outside. We even saw a few deer in the early hours and a stunning full moon appeared from behind the clouds ...

Beautiful people, lots of laughter, gorgeous food and an amazing experience. Thoroughly recommended. Check it out: next year's dates are 6-8th July.

Thanks Pete x x

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