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July 's fabulous gong Gathering/ Sound bath at Pett village hall.

35 beautiful souls filled the lovely spacious Pett hall last Thursday.

Amazing Energies in  the Gong space.

Seven  Sacred  Gongs,

Sound Creation  Earth 38"  Symphonic 32"

Wom 32"

Penticle 35",

Wind gong 45cms

Broder water gong 16"

Introducing the new gong-

Saturn 32" 

Completing a lovely and powerful evening with Vivien's delicious homemade cookies and tea,helping us all to ground, filling the hall with happyness.

Thanks to all who came. Xx 

Some amazing feedback ...

Just a few ...

I  felt clarity and saw clearly the answers to some nagging problems.

The Gongs went to my ailments, it's amazing how the Sounds and Vibrations reached where needed, waking the next morning with so much less pain than I've had for weeks.

I can't believe how quickly the hour went, I found myself totally immersed in the beautiful sounds ... loved it thank you x


Our next gathering is Saturday August 5 th at Playden WI hall, booking essential as this venue has limited space.

4.30pm( gets booked quickly ) or 

7 pm.

Please email for more information or booking.

Thanks for your support. 

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