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Yoga and Gong in the Barn ...

Last Sunday ( 20th August) the Gongs had their first experience of being played in Victoria's beautiful barn in Beckley.

Victoria Morris who is a Hatha yoga teacher loves the Gongs and is a regular at playden gong Gathering/ Sound Bath created this special afternoon, giving her 8 students 2 hours of yoga followed by herbal tea and heathy nibbles finishing their afternoon with an hours gong bath.

The barn is a wonderful cosy space, the Sounds and Vibrations were amazing.

The Gongs ;


Sound Creation Earth 38"

Saturn 32"

Symphonic 32"


Small Chinese wind Gong


Three Tuning pipes;

Om, 528,Sound of Nature

Plus Om and 528 Tuning fork,

Four Singing Bowl 

Ocean drum, ratttle, bar and shanti chime

The Sound  journey was very well received,  feedback:

"Uplifting and wonderful "

"It was like you were playing a whole orchestra all by yourself"

" I could feel the beautiful Vibrations come up from the floor"

" the afternoon was perfect , with great yoga, lovely nibbles and finishing with an amazing relaxing sound bath."

We are hoping this is the first of many more ...🎶

Please contact Victoria for more information ,

also about her; workshops,Hatha yoga, chair yoga, pranayama and meditation classes.

Tel 07747804056


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