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Goats and Gongs...and Adavanced Gong training..

Fabulous week in the West Country at the end of August..

Bev's small holding is on the Dartmoor.. She's my twin sister and like me, a tad addictive... her thing being Goats.. ( mine obviously is Gongs). over the past five years she's built up her Golden Guernsey herd,  but still has Reik the cross bred who she saved some years earlier, the tiniest kid we have ever seen. Reiki rules haha x 

The weather was unusually fantastic, very hot and sunny , so we spent days out in the field with  my new Gong ... ( no10) the Om Gong made by the talented Matt Nolan ...

OmGong is an amazing little 20" gong , sounds incredible with a lovely long sustain. I also practiced my conch blowing, shruti box and using my voice on the goats and the geese. I'm still trying to get the hang of my flute (made by Willow),I'm a bit  slow but keep practising as hopefully one day all these instruments will come together at one of my Sound Gatherings.

The week ended with a weekend in Salisbury at Advanced Gong... brilliant two days training with Aidan McIntyre, a bunch of gorgeous Gongs and other lovely gongsters...

We were introduced to the Rotogong which once in production will enable us to play our Gongs as they turn 360 degrees ..exciting times ahead.... we also were able to play a few Gongland Gongs ❤️🎶.

Some photos of the week x 

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