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Gonging weekend....playden and in the yurt.

Fabulous double Gong Gathering/Sound Journeys at Playden WI hall on Saturday, ( 9 th September). Taking 8 Gongs, 38" Sond Creation Earth, 32" Saturn,32" Symphonic, 32" Wom, 35"SH penticle, wind gong,16" Broder water, and the newbee .. Om Gong made by Matt Nolan, its beautifully made, looks and sounds amazing for a little one, deep and powerful, he really played well and sang with the other 7 Gongs.

Beautiful Energies and gorgeous souls made for amazing afternoon and evening . 

Sunday (10 th sept) I was lucky enough to be invited to Gong in Lisa and Richards yurt on their open studio weekend. Lee was also practicing his body stress release on some of his clients while I Gonged away. The Gongs we managed to fit in the yurt were the 38"Sound creation Earth, Saturn 32" Symphonic 32" and the Om Gong, plus two singing bowls and the shruti box. The Gongs and single stands all behaved and sang out ..for nearly five hours ...

yurt and Gongs .... beautiful... gratitude ..❤️🎶🙏🏻x x x

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