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All Night Peace Gong  Puja in Essex..

Wow a truely beautiful ceremony..

My fourth gong puja ( two with Sheila my Gong master , another outside at gong camp ).

I love the all night Gong pujas , it's constant Gonging varying from9-12 hours.

Last weeks was in a lovely little village Sherring in Essex and was in aid of the charity war child. We raised £2000.

Sarah Gregg ( arranged and organised this amazing event. We had 12 beautiful Gongs which two of us played for an hour each from 9 pm until 7 am. 

The evening started with chanting and smudging and a lovely ceremony , blowing of the conch( I was lucky enough to do) started the first duo playing ( Sarah being one of them).the hall was filled with beautiful souls, not only the players but also listeners who slept and enjoyed the gong sounds and Vibrations. A noble silence was required during this time but there was food and drinks available throughout the evening in another room. 

I was very lucky to Gong 1-2 am with another Jo and again the last hour with Sarah 6-7 am .. finishing with a short shunyata the chimes , chanting and shamanic drums.

An amazing time by all and so blessed to have meet all these lovely gongsters ... and to have had the opportunity to play 12 gorgeous Gongs .. til the next tim


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