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My first birthday Gong bash ..

I was asked by my lovely Reiki Master/Teacher,  Marion if I could give her and a group of her friends and family a Sound Bath with soothing Sounds as part of her birthday celebrations. 

It was my first of hopefully many and I throughly enjoyed the chance to spread the healing Sounds to all that came and enjoyed. An alsortment of adults ,  male and female .. many who have never experienced the sacred sounds... all seemed to enjoy  the 45 minute Sound Bath.

The sacred Sounds consisted of Tuning pipes, tuning forks, 7 Gongs, ocean drum, Singing bowls .koshi chimes and sistrum . ... 

The party was in the local hall and had two rooms so we had champagne and wonderful cake after with Richard giving a wonderful speech .. truely a lovely birthday bash for a wonderful person. 

Thank you for asking me Marion x 

Anyone who wishes to have something a little different to celebrate.. a birthday, anniversary, a passing or a sober hen night .. or just a get together... small group or large please see my website or email for more information.. all you have to do is set up the venue and beverages, I'll bring my Gongs 🎶..




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