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Our first Restorative Sound Bath/ Gong Gathering in Hamstreet

A new venue , in Hamstreet, joining Sound instruments, Martin Holme with his beautiful collection of chimes, singing bowls ratttles, drum, didgeridoo, flute and 7 of my Gongs plus a few other bits ..

We had an amazing Sunday evening Sound Bath... Wow supported by a full house.. beautiful Sounds and Vibrations.. gorgeous Souls and Energies.. It was great to play the Gongs a long the  side of Martin playing the didgeridoo...

drumming while he played the flute .. these were just a few examples of the healing Sounds.

Fabulous incense and Martins homemade cake and chai tea completed  our first joint Sound Bath

We will be holding this event bi-monthly, our next one is  December 3rd. Please contact me for more information/ booking.

Special thanks to Anna and Grace for doing the teas x 

A big thank you for all who came and to the Sacred Instruments and Gongs x x 

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