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May Pett Village Gong Gathering / Sound Journey this friday

We have May offers for this coming Fridays Gong gathering/ Sound Journey ..18 th May at 7.30 pm. 

Discounts for group bookings if pre paid.

Please contact me for more details .

It’s an amazing hall,  we are looking forward to a lovely relaxing evening as May is proving to be a bumpy month with lots of ups and downs , so come and soak up the good Vibrations and Sounds of the Gongs, Drums , Shruti box and much more .

Set your intention ,  bring  your bedding or reclining deck chairs.

Don’t forget Vivien’s homemade cookies , tea and nuts to ground after.

Booking is essential ,

Love you to be with us..

New moon, lovely vibes

Thanks for sharing 

Gong Blessings 

Jo and the Gongs xx

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