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Here's to a Magikcal 2019

Wow what am Amazing year 2018 has been.starting with a little blimp... shoulder problems and bad weather... but as ever the Gongs were doing their work, sometimes it does seem they dig deep and bring up unwanted issues but by bringing them to the surface we are able to deal with whats needed.March madness and snow...bringing in a lovely spring and an even better, superb summer.

Pett and Playden Gong gatherings/sound journeys continued to spread the good Sounds and vibrations of the Gongs, drums an all sorts of Sacred instruments.

Yoga/ well being retreats with the Gongs has been a sheer delight this year..different venues and events, lovely Yogis and gorgeous grateful to have been asked to bring the Sounds.

October brought the wonderful puja, 12 Gongs, 25 sleeping magikcal.

a joint venture with fellow gong practitioner Angela Mason from touchedwithsound.

We now Gong together at The Hub near Bodiam on occasional mondays throughout the year

Thank you to you all

Love Jo and the Gongs xxx

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