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May/June/ July Gong adventures...

Four of us Gonged and drummed as the summer solstice sun rose, amazing vibes and gorgeous location, three other mad early risers joined me...such energies... my fourth year, and been lucky every time.

After such wet weather we felt and saw the sun shine its light for this special time of year


Gratitude and Peace xxx

Its been an amazing time with the Gongs Sounding out beautiful healing vibes at our Gong Gathering/Sound Journeys every !st saturday of the month at Playden ( except august an feb ) and

bi monthly at Pett. village hall.

July dates;

Playden 6th July 4.30pm

Pett village hall . 7th July 7.30pm

Please let us know if you can make it as love you to be there.

All info/booking on this website.

May Alnight Puja be recommended...2020...

Fantastic evening / morning,

Our all night Gong Puja at Pett village hall was a great success with four Gong Practitioners taking turns to play, keeping the gong sounds and vibrations going for 8 hours..deep healing vibes were had by all. The Gongs continue none stop while you sleep and immerse in their Energy.

Thanks to Angela, Susan and Alexis for helping me bring this together with your lovely playing and Gongs...we had 12 Gongs .

We were very happy an honoured to be asked to two different and Magikcal yoga retreats and a special solstice Cacao /yoga ceremony.

Wow the Gongs and other sacred Sounds just keep on giving .... such good Energies.

Special thanks to the Gongs. Bubble the fiesta for getting us there... Vivien for letting me stay at hers and making the cookies for our gatherings.

Especially to all of you for your support and love.

Spreading the Sounds.

Ruth at www,wealdpoweryogacom for inviting us back for the second year to her lovely yoga retreat at Finchcocks house.East Sussex.


Kristen from

for inviting us to play at her mini Brookland hall .Kent

Nikki from http;/

Amazing evening at the Flimwell Enterprise Centre. East Sussex

Cacao ceremony, Yoga plus the drum an Gongs.

For more info about them and future events check them out or watch my events pages.

June/,July i'm hoping to spread the Gong sounds and good vibes here in Devon ., on the Dartmoor.. will keep you posted..


We will be mostly in Devon for august giving the travelling a rest for the month as lotsof listeners will be on holiday...also time to clean the gongs and bubble the fiesta.

See you at our July Gatherings... then we will be back September for a busy and magickal Autumn

Much Love

Jo and the Gongs


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