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Devon gong gatherings

After a hibernating few months in winter here on the dartmoor it’s been great to get out an about with the gongs and sacred sounds in deepest Devon .

Barntastic has to be the apt word these last few months with having the pleasure of Gonging in a few beautiful barns .. varying in size and shape but always with great energies an lovely sound souls Much clearing of inner space an cleansing, allowing the listeners to immerse in the good frequencies of a relaxing journey .

Gratitude to all those that asked us .. we are feeling the love in Devon .

We do have a few Devon gatherings planned for July an August.. tbc exciting times.

We have an exciting an ongoing process of creating a Gong stable / space to be able to offer very small groups reiki an sound sessions on the land amongst nature an the goats... but due to resources it may take a while although I do Offer 1 to 1 /2 Treatments at my cottage if anyone is in need .

Goat an Gong

while the weather an circumstances have been slightly challenging we were hoping to get some pics of a gathering Of the gals ( golden guernsey goats ) plus gazebo an solstice circle for drumming plus fire around the summer solstice but it wasn’t to be so maybe a celebration for Lammas instead!

A few pics of here on the Dartmoor my beloved Beach to give you the feel ..

update ;

I been lucky enough to have the use of one of Bev’s paddock / stable so making the most before she decides to fill it with goats.. I’ve added a large poly tunnel so I can grow my own organic greens plus have a small gong / sound stable for healing on the land and a compost loo .. beats going abroad I suppose an why I’m here .. the meadow is looking so lush this year with lots of wild flowers an foraging plants, when we took it over 2 an half years ago it was full of bad energies an junk, so beautiful how nature and a bit of human tlc

can work together to create a sanctuary .

much love an blessings to you all ..


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