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the sound spa 

 from the

Come. Lose yourself in sound.


Feel the beauty and harmony as you

relax into the cleansing, relaxing, clearing, detoxing vibrations of the gongs.

Jo-Anne Burchfield-James is a Reiki Master, Full Member of the College of Sound Healing, a Sound Healing Practitioner, and Gong Master. She provides group gong sound-bath meditations and personal complementary health treatments in Rye, East Sussex.

First Saturday in the month

4.15 for 4.30 pm and

6.15 for  6.30 pm


First Friday bi-monthly

commencing March 2019

7.15 for 7.30 pm

PETT Village Hall

Times by arrangement:

Please call Jo-Anne on 07962 213087

or 01647 441196

Times by arrangement

Please call Jo-Anne on 07962 213087

 or 01647 441196

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