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the sound weaver

Jo-anne Burchfield-James, the sound weaver, is a bright joyful personality whose enthusiasm for her craft of sound healing bubbles over. Not surprising when she obtains such wonderful results.

A fully-qualified hairdresser since 1980, Jo discovered her gift for healing when her children left home. She is a Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Reiki practitioner, and uses both in her healing practice. But when she was invited to a sound bath with several gongs, tibetan bowls and other instruments, she knew she had found her true calling.


Soon afterwards, she took courses in Suara Sound healing with tuning forks, made her own drum in a shamanic ceremony and began to collect other healing sound instruments made in the ancient 'wise ways', giving thanks to and honouring Nature. 


However, her abiding love is for gongs. She is constantly learning new skills and is a Full Member of the College of Sound Healing, a Sound Healing Practitioner, and Gong MasterHer collection of gongs which fills her house to bursting point.


The effect of the vibrational essence of the gongs has to be experienced to be believed, but when they are played with Jo-Anne's sincerity and dexterity, their effect is truly miraculous.  

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