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Charity Group Gong bath

Saturday 15 th July.

Four Gongs and three tuning pipes plus a few singing bowls and chimes and me, joined forces with a sound healer, Martin and his sound instruments at Tram hatch gardens ( the owners kindly opened their beautiful garden for charity)

We enjoyed a scrummy lunch, then the ladies finished their day by having a sound bath, which most had never experienced before. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Fabulous day and lovely to have been part of it.

Feedback from Jan the organiser...

Dear Martin & Jo All of us at Pink Ribbon Pilates offer a deep and heartfelt thank you for your time, talent and giving spirit for helping our 2017 Wellbeing Day be a huge success! The gong bath meditation was undoubtedly the biggest hit of the day! Here is what positive feedback was sent to me: I think Mary was worried about my ability to drive home after such a relaxing experience!! " That sound bath was wonderful." "the gongs took me back to the womb" "I feel so healthy, my head is clear, so are my sinuses are open and I can hear beautifully. I must experience this again...that was amazing" We so appreciate your support and are deeply grateful to you both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts - namaste >< Kindest regards with love, Jan, Pink Ribbon Pilates.

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