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Emma's Gong and October Gong Gathering at Playden

Another amazing Gong gathering/ Sound Journey.. or two ..

Saturday October 7 th -4.30 pm and 7 pm .. 

we had a great time at both sessions.. the Gongs were described as being very lively.

With a full moon and a week of weird and wonder the Gongs seemed to clear a lot of unwanted Energies leaving us all feeling so much better.

I took my latest new Gong.. Emma's Gong which has been made by a  gong maker from Argentina  David blau. 

After sending him a picture of Emma, (who was our family springer spaniel of 12 An half years , who passed in January this year).he meditated on her memory and made a lovely little 20"nickel silver Gong.

We miss her every day as she had been with us through some difficult times , so lovely we have her Gong. She plays well although taking a time to entrain with the others. 

Special thanks to Dawn for doing the teas and Kim for her lush cakes x Big thank you to all that came and the Gongs for a  great gathering x

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