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Graduation weekend in Devon

A life changing and amazing years course with Sheila Whittaker, profound , talented and full of wisdom , she's a true Gong Master, although that's a bit of a forbidden word as no one masters the Gongs they master us... 

Falling in love with the Gongs back in 2011/12 after going to one of Graham  Baters gong bath while  attending a Reiki weekend with Marion Eaton. Becky and the yoga ladies held  these Group Gong baths a few times a year. They were very good and laid the foundation of my Gatherings I hold today, always celebrating the Gong gathering/ Sound Journeys afterwards with grounding refreshments... 

in those days I was very impulsive and rushed out buying the most beautiful 38" Symphonic Gong and stand , mallets etc. Signed on Sheila's course , attending the first weekend. What an amazing new Magickal and mystical time it was... all to come tumbling down as the shackles of life, property and money problems reared their ugly heads as always... stopping me in my tracks as this was not the time for me to bond with the Gongs... sadly having to sell on my beautiful Symphonic Gong, ironically Graham brought her and has her still today.

I steered my Energies into the Tuning forks and  Reiki through those years, which I love but always the Gongs called me.

Five years on, I managed to re- start Sheila's course last October, and graduated last weekend 15.10.17 as a Gong Practitioner... yahoo. 

A lovely group of people, an amazing year, intensive, transforming and evolving ....

during the five weekends away in Devon I was lucky enough to say in a  small caravan at a unique and quirky campsite an tea  rooms. Pam and Gerald sweetlands are most welcoming and lovely country people, beautiful homemade food. Definitely recommend Bovey farm campsite just outside Honiton .

We are holding a graduation Gong gathering and Sound journey at Pett village hall Friday 20 th October also at playden village hall on November 4 th to celebrate my dream ..

Gong ❤️🎶🙏🏻x

Love you all to be there. 

Thanks to all for your support especially the Gongs x 

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