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thank you 2019..Welcome to 2020 ..exciting times ahead.

Well what an amazing year we have had ..lots of challenges and adventures.

The Gong gathering/Sound journeys continue to grow in East Sussex...

Pett and Playden gatherings will be in their third year.

Looking forward to our third puja at Pett this coming February.

2019 saw the Gongs playing at some amazing an beautiful yoga retreats in East Sussex.


Living on the Dartmoor enabled the Gongs to immerse in nature, goats ,sheep, chickens an geese... out on the land in the snow an sunshine.

Fiji and Bev;s three dogs love to soak up the good sounds an vibrations.

Due to this part of Dartmoor being mostly a farming area the Gong gatherings have had a mixed response... those that attended loved them.

The couple of yoga retreats we were asked to Gong at here on Dartmoor have been magical , stunning settings.


How we have grown together , the Gongs and the wonderful sacred sound the shamanic drums....intuitively an consciously I feel the sounds and vibrations really are getting deeper and more healing the more I play them added by the gorgeous energies from you lovely sound souls.

So a big thank you to you all for your continued support.

much love

jo an the Gongs xxx

Dates for Jan/feb 2020

Gong Gathering/Sound Journeys

Jan 3rd at 7.30pm Pett Village Hall

Jan 4th at 4.30pm at Playden Wi Hall (limited spaces due to size of hall)

All night Gong Puja at Pett Village Hall

Feb 29th-9pm- March 1st 7.30am( Puja playing is 10.30pm-6am) limited places to keep the sacred space.

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